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(10/12/2011 10:04:19 AM) Most courts are OK but court 4 has very uneven lighting from side to side, and a distinct slope that causes balls to be rolling around and disrupting play.

Also had a major bug infestation, literally a cloud of bugs, that got into our eyes and mouth... not much you can do about it, but it was really distracting.

(10/30/2006 10:37:14 AM) All in all, I think this tennis center is a quality tennis center; however, the court spacing is so annoying. There needs to be some sort of barrier around each court. I think I have seen a net-type divider between two of their courts once that allowed people to pass between courts, but not balls (which happens every 5 minutes or so at this place). They need to get the divider for ALL of their courts.

(9/15/2006 7:52:20 AM) The only thing that bugs me is the concrete lower portion of all the fences. They really have all pass balls bouncing into other courts quite often. The backboard is too small. Good location, nice Oak to look at while playing, great surface, nets, upkeep.

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